Taming the WorldCat

When WorldCat first launched, I remember thinking it would be even better if users could save search results for future reference, and now we can.

Make a list or two (or 20!) @ WorldCat.org

I started two bibliography lists today, and found the new features intuitive and easy to work with, but to take full advantage, read over the help page.


    This is a resource I need to make more use of, Wold Cat. It's one of those that I tend to forget about. So glad you reminded me! Thanks Lee!

    You're welcome, Jasia!

    The WorldCat is a resource I forget about too, which is why features that have been around for months are new to me. ;-)

    Wow. Thanks for the heads-up on this, Lee, and for the link to your public lists so I could actually see how WorldCat works. Great tool!