A lot of things different

Who of us has no regrets, nothing we would change if given half a chance?

Genealogically speaking, there's a lot of things I'd do different.

I'd start when I was younger. My biggest regret is that I never had the chance to talk to my grandma's brother. He died in 1994, and I never even met him.

I'd buy a book on day one, a genealogy how-to book like George Morgan's How to Do Everything with Your Genealogy, and I'd read it.

I'd commit to one piece of genealogy software--Legacy, Rootsmagic, etc. They're not all the same, granted, but they're not all that different either.

I'd document everything, from the size of Grandpa's shoe to the source that it came from, and I'd do it right the first time, every time.

I'd buy a bigger hard drive, and save myself some floor space.

"Yes, I'd do a lot of things different." I think we all would.

The title, A Lot of Things Different, and the next to last line comes from an old Bill Anderson song, reintroduced to the public in 2002 by Kenny Chesney.


    Hi Lee!

    Most of us would like the chance at a fresh start but then the road would be less interesting.

    Very insightful of you, Apple, and thank you for dropping by!

    Ah, yes, If I knew then what I know now... I don't think I'd want to start it all over again. Making mistakes and (hopefully) learning from them are a part of the journey. Welcome back, Lee.

    Another insightful comment! I don't believe I'd want to do all again either, but I sure do wish I'd done it smarter from the get-go. ;-)

    Thank you for the welcome back, Becky!