The mistress of erratic is back

She's a bit skittish, that one. She's as apt to bolt and run as she is to write.

Yet another genealogy blog... Will this one last, you ask. In the immortal words of the late Aldous Huxley, "Consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life. The only completely consistent people are the dead." A comforting thought, yes?



    So glad to see (read) you again. You have been missed!


    Thank you, fM, and I would say I've missed you guys too but I never really left. I kept all of you close to me in my feedreader. ;-)

    What a treat to come home from vacation and find you writing again! Welcome back, Lee!


    Thank you so much, Steve!

    I hope your trip went well, and much like the rest of your fans, I'm looking forward to reading all about it!