The "161" meme

Of course you would catch me reading nothing as titillating as Jasia or as instructional as Miriam, but I've been tagged not once but twice to share the 6th sentence on page 161 of the book I'm currently reading which is The Most Fearful Ordeal: Original Coverage of the Civil War by Writers and Reporters of The New York Times, and the 6th sentence from page 161 is...


"The battery of Capt. De Hart also replied vigorously."

And now it's my turn to tag 5 3* geneabloggers...Hmm...

Colleen of The Oracle of OMcHodoy because she has escaped until now.
Dave of OakvilleBlackWalnut because I always tag Dave. ;-)
Mary Beth of What's Your Line because I like picking on the new blogger.

Now we get to see who's paying attention. ;-)

I can't find more than 3 that haven't been tagged already. :-)


    ROFL... I apparently was tagged by Bill a while ago and didn't know it until Apple responded as to why she didn't tag me! :).

    I've since started paying better attention ;).


    That meme made the rounds in record time. By the time I was tagged, I couldn't find anyone else who hadn't already participated lol

    It must be interesting to read that book. I'm sure the writing style of the New York Times has changed dramatically. I can't imagine them writing of the War in Iraq or Afghanistan, "the battery of so-and-so replied vigorously."