Silver and gold... on ev'ry Christmas Tree

*Warning: Heavy Load Ahead*

It's not often we get company out here in the SC backwoods, and no one outside the family ever gets to see our Christmas decorations. And since I don't have any heirloom ornaments, or homespun stories to tell, I thought I would take this opportunity to "show off" some of our first generation pieces.

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories
December 2 - Christmas Tree Ornaments

In my previous post I mentioned the pewter ornaments we have received from Aunt Elsie every year since 1994, and I'd first like to show you those.

Click to enlarge.

Next up are our "First Christmas" ornaments. The horse pulling the couple in the sleigh was given to us by my cousin Nancy as a wedding present. The teddy bear on the bottom left is the ornament that marks our daughter Lyndy's first Christmas in 1982, and the one on the bottom right marks our son Caleb's.

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Here is the ornament Caleb made at school last year. Ain't it cool?

And these next two were gifts from our granddaughter Taylor (aka Tator).

The ice skating, red nose reindeer was sent from the UK by my bff Shelagh.

And last but not least are the homemade snowmen I received when I participated in a blogger ornament exchange...oh gosh, was it 4 years ago? I don't know, maybe it was 3 or 5...Anyway... I included them because I want to plant an idea seed--It was a lot of fun exchanging ornaments with a fellow blogger, whichever year that was, and I think it would be equally so if we genea-bloggers could arrange to do something similar next year.

Leave a note in the comments if you're interested.

Now for a little treat...Enjoy!


    I love the ornament swap idea. Count me in!

    I am in on the ornament exchange too! I guess they would hold up better than a blogger cookie exchange.

    An ornament swap sounds like fun!

    Thanks for sharing your ornament collection with us, Lee. I wish I'd thought to do this, maybe I still will...

    I'd be up for an ornament exchange. Sounds like fun!

    I love the ornament exchange idea! I know the cross-stitch bloggers that I sometimes read have a lot of exchanges. It sounds like fun!

    Just found this site. I also
    am a family history dead people
    seeker. I enjoyed your ornaments.
    Thanks for sharing!


    Loved the look at your ornaments. I love the ornament exchange idea and would love to participate.

    Tell me when!


    I thought you said you didn't have any heirloom ornaments or homespun stories. All of these ornaments seem special to you and have a story to tell. You are just creating your own heirloom ornaments as you go. Thanks for sharing.

    I wonder if you can describe exactly how you made the photos and annotations of your Xmas ornaments. Beautiful! Count me in on the ornament swap. Donna Hague Wendt